Buick Enclave Benefits from Take Your Child to Work Day

While a rear DVD entertainment system is a great feature to have in a car, especially for those long road trips, they tend to have one messy negative—a whole lot of motion sickness. As part of an effort to offer the best vehicle possible, the Human Factors group at Buick set out to discover how they might place the screen outside of “the puke zone” and reduce motion sickness, something that wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Take Your Child to Work Day.

2014 Buick Enclave - Take Your Child to Work Day“Working with children on Take Your Child to Work Day is an excellent way for us to expand our pool of feedback,” said Don Shreves, GM Human Factors engineering group manager. “Our group and research is very data-driven. Designing every element to a vehicle comes down to millimeters. While a door handle placement of seat switch might feel right to the designing engineer, we come in with data points from real consumer feedback, including kids, to help determine the best location.”

Though this year during Take Your Child to Work Day testing focused on the comfort of the Enclave’s third-row seat belt buckles, last year focused on “the puke zone,” which is a measurement to determine the ideal placement of the DVD screen to reduce motion sickness. By rigging the DVD screen on a track, the team was able to determine where to position it after recording the responses of more than 75 kids who were asked when the screen distance was too far away or too close.

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