Internet “Humming” with Rumors of Giant New GMC SUV in Works

Do you miss the Hummer? It’s been gone from the new car marketplace for a couple years now, after being dropped out of the GM lineup. However, something exciting might be in the works now. Rumors are trickling out from GMC about a new “American G-Wagen” in development right now, a new “super-capable off-road SUV” that will fill that giant gaping space ripped into the new car landscape by the Hummer on its way out.

Details, of course, are scarce right now, but that doesn’t stop us here at Warsaw Buick GMC from speculating on what a new Hummer successor might look, feel, and drive like. First of all, it seems pretty clear this won’t just be another Chevrolet vehicle re-badged as a GMC; it will be a completely new vehicle express-built to deal with off-road, all-terrain landscapes. The new vehicle might make use of current GMC technologies like the K2XX body-on-frame platform and powerful diesel engines.

GMC’s Hummer successor will target the same market as the Jeep Wrangler and the Toyota FJ Cruiser. The FJ Cruiser is in its last production year—so GMC’s timing is perfect to introduce a new competitor in this off-road focused segment.

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