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Best Gifts for New Graduates

This time of year is filled with celebrations. We just finished honoring our mothers and now it’s time to think about our graduates. Whether your student is finishing high school or college, they are coming upon a major life change. Let’s face it, adulthood is scary. Help make their future a little less intimidating with a thoughtful gift.

Here are a few simple gifts that will show them you care and help them with their next stage of life:

  • Help with the laundry. Here’s a great book called, Do Your Laundry or You’ll Die Alone, which not only gives tips on doing laundry, but is filled with all kinds of advice for becoming an adult. There are even blank pages to add your own words of wisdom. And, why not throw some cash in between the pages so they get what they want, too. And, for a hefty gift, $50 in quarters should be able to get them through a year at the Laundromat.
  • Car. Having a set of wheels will make your college freshman an immediate hit in the dorms. Or if they now have that degree in-hand, a car will be vital in driving to and from job interviews. Visit us at Warsaw Buick GMC and we’ll give you a great deal on a new used car.
  • Gift cards. If you don’t like giving cash, but have a difficult-to-please student, a gift card is a great option. Want a guarantee it won’t go to waste? Hit up your local gas station.
  • Party. Sometimes just throwing your new graduate a fantastic party will be enough of a gift. And, party-goers will usually bring along a gift themselves.
  • Furniture. If they’re moving out on their own for the first time, they probably need furnishings of some kind. Help them avoid milk crate bookshelves and get them something that will last.

new used car - Best Gifts for New Graduates

Do you have a soon-to-graduate? How will you be celebrating his or her achievements this year?