Buick Cascada to Arrive On American Soil In 2016

Last week Buick showed off the Cascada to US dealers, causing speculation that the company might be bringing it over from Europe for the 2016 model year. A U.S version would be nearly identical in appearance as its German equivalent, but things under the hood may look a little different. The European model uses a 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, but the U.S horse power could vary.

Convertible rumors started last year when GM CEO Dan Akerson said the car was “on his wish list to bring over.” Buick company spokesperson Nick Richards has said that “we don’t comment on speculation or rumors,” but it is possible the company just wants to make us sweat a bit. Cascada would be the first affordable four-seat convertible to be made available to the public in many years, in comparison to premium counterparts made by Mercedes, BMW, and Audi.

The U.S trademark on the name was reserved earlier this year, so we may not have to anticipate an official announcement from Buick’s corporate much longer. We have reason to believe that the Cascada should be arriving on American soil as soon as the beginning of 2016. Should that happen, rest assured that you’ll be able to find it at Warsaw Buick GMC as soon as they’re available.

Jay Leno, George W. Bush and a 1957 Buick Combine Forces

Road & Track reported on something special that happened at this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance auto auction, involving comedian Jay Leno, former president George W. Bush, a 1957 Buick Caballero Estate Wagon and some unnamed bidders.

The ’57 Buick was being auctioned by David Gooding and was expected to sell for $100,000 to $125,000. The station wagon had been restored free of charge by Jay Leno’s Big Dog Garage and autographed by George W. Bush to benefit the latter’s George W. Bush Military Service Initiative, which helps post-9/11 veterans transition back to civilian life.

To everyone’s surprise, the Buick sold for a whopping $300,000. Then something even more incredible happened: the car’s buyer went up to the stage and donated the car back to Gooding, and received a standing ovation. The car was resold, this time to the original runner-up bidder, for $280,000, leading to another standing ovation.

In total, the 1957 Buick raised $580,000 for veterans, after being expected to sell for one-fifth of that price. Not bad for a 50-year old car!

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Buick Better than BMW and Benz

The Detroit Free Press reports that Consumer Reports, the nation’s premier customer advocacy publication, has recommended the 2014 Buick Regal over competing premium sedans, including the BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

CR gave almost identical scores to the recently redesigned Regal, the BMW 328i and the Mercedes-Benz C250. What made the Regal stand out? The fact that is cost thousands of dollars less than its foreign competitors.

“The Regal is a thoroughly developed and satisfying mid-sized sports sedan that’s more reminiscent of a German sports car than the softly sprung luxo-barges that Buick was once known for,” said Jake Fisher, director of automotive testing of CR.

CR also found that the new Regal has greater fuel efficiency and is quicker than the previous model, thanks to a new 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The Regal also beat the Volvo S60 in a head-to-head road test.

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Safest Back to School Cars

Families all across the United States are gearing up for back to school season. For many of those families, this will include car shopping. If you are the parent of a new driver or soon-to-be college freshman, you are probably wondering which cars are the safest back to school cars.

While new cars may offer the top-of-the-line in both safety and technology, most families can’t fit a new car payment into their budgets and opt for used. With that in mind, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has put together a list of not only budget-friendly cars, but cars that will still keep your teen driver safe.

While the list covers many different makes and models, there are quite a few Buick and GMC models listed. If you’re looking for a midsize car, the IIHS recommends the Buick Verano, model year 2012 and later. Another great choice for those who want something with more capabilities is the GMC Terrain, model year 2010 and later.

For large vehicles, both full size sedans and large SUVs, the IIHS suggests the Buick LaCrosse (2010 and later), Buick Enclave (2011 and later), and GMC Acadia (2011 and later).

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Buick to Add Mid-Size Crossover and Two-Door Convertible to Lineup

Good news: Buick appears to have plans to expand its model lineup. Great news: It will add the two models you’ve been wanting the brand to offer, a mid-size crossover and two-door convertible.

As auto experts have noted, these two gaps in Buick’s model lineup have been aching to be filled.

At the moment, there is no mid-level option between the small crossover, the Encore, and the large crossover, the Enclave. As a solution to that issue, Buick has announced the release of its midsize Envision crossover in the Chinese market later this year. However, we may not have to wait long for the vehicle to cross the ocean and become available around this time next year as a 2016 model.

As for the two-door convertible rumor, it sounds as if Buick is preparing to bring its current European-based two-door convertible, the Opel Cascada, to the U.S. adding to the automaker’s appeal as a fun-to-drive brand.

In addition to all of these changes, we expect to see a redesigned Buick LaCrosse, which could be available here at Warsaw Buick GMC by the second half of 2015.

Buick continues to establish itself as a competitive luxury brand. The automaker isn’t just sitting pretty with the quality vehicles it currently has on the market, but continues to push the envelope to offer customers more of the value they need and the luxury they want in the best size for their lifestyles.

Which changes to the Buick lineup are you most excited to see?