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Buick Better than BMW and Benz

The Detroit Free Press reports that Consumer Reports, the nation’s premier customer advocacy publication, has recommended the 2014 Buick Regal over competing premium sedans, including the BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

CR gave almost identical scores to the recently redesigned Regal, the BMW 328i and the Mercedes-Benz C250. What made the Regal stand out? The fact that is cost thousands of dollars less than its foreign competitors.

“The Regal is a thoroughly developed and satisfying mid-sized sports sedan that’s more reminiscent of a German sports car than the softly sprung luxo-barges that Buick was once known for,” said Jake Fisher, director of automotive testing of CR.

CR also found that the new Regal has greater fuel efficiency and is quicker than the previous model, thanks to a new 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The Regal also beat the Volvo S60 in a head-to-head road test.

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Safest Back to School Cars

Families all across the United States are gearing up for back to school season. For many of those families, this will include car shopping. If you are the parent of a new driver or soon-to-be college freshman, you are probably wondering which cars are the safest back to school cars.

While new cars may offer the top-of-the-line in both safety and technology, most families can’t fit a new car payment into their budgets and opt for used. With that in mind, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has put together a list of not only budget-friendly cars, but cars that will still keep your teen driver safe.

While the list covers many different makes and models, there are quite a few Buick and GMC models listed. If you’re looking for a midsize car, the IIHS recommends the Buick Verano, model year 2012 and later. Another great choice for those who want something with more capabilities is the GMC Terrain, model year 2010 and later.

For large vehicles, both full size sedans and large SUVs, the IIHS suggests the Buick LaCrosse (2010 and later), Buick Enclave (2011 and later), and GMC Acadia (2011 and later).

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Buick to Add Mid-Size Crossover and Two-Door Convertible to Lineup

Good news: Buick appears to have plans to expand its model lineup. Great news: It will add the two models you’ve been wanting the brand to offer, a mid-size crossover and two-door convertible.

As auto experts have noted, these two gaps in Buick’s model lineup have been aching to be filled.

At the moment, there is no mid-level option between the small crossover, the Encore, and the large crossover, the Enclave. As a solution to that issue, Buick has announced the release of its midsize Envision crossover in the Chinese market later this year. However, we may not have to wait long for the vehicle to cross the ocean and become available around this time next year as a 2016 model.

As for the two-door convertible rumor, it sounds as if Buick is preparing to bring its current European-based two-door convertible, the Opel Cascada, to the U.S. adding to the automaker’s appeal as a fun-to-drive brand.

In addition to all of these changes, we expect to see a redesigned Buick LaCrosse, which could be available here at Warsaw Buick GMC by the second half of 2015.

Buick continues to establish itself as a competitive luxury brand. The automaker isn’t just sitting pretty with the quality vehicles it currently has on the market, but continues to push the envelope to offer customers more of the value they need and the luxury they want in the best size for their lifestyles.

Which changes to the Buick lineup are you most excited to see?

Finding the Scenic Route: Short Isn’t Always Sweet

When it comes to travel, sometimes the path less travelled turns out to be the best. If you prefer beautiful routes to short routes, there’s very little a GPS can do to help you. Fortunately, Yahoo researchers have come up with a way to measure the “beauty” of certain routes.

An algorithm then automatically chooses a route between two locations that maximizes the beauty along it, according to technologyreview.com. “The goal of this work is to automatically suggest routes that are not only short but also emotionally pleasant,” Daniele Quercia at Yahoo Labs in Barcelona, Spain, and a couple of friends working on the project say.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder though, so it couldn’t simply be a matter of their opinion. Instead, the team created a database of images of various areas of the center of London taken from Google Street View and Geographic. They then used UrbanGems.org to solicit the general public’s opinion of the beauty of each location.

Clearly, the process for determining the most beautiful areas in every location in every city would be incredibly time consuming, so Quercia  and her team have automated the process using photos from Flickr and the data and tags attached to them. They look for numerous photos of a particular area and comments associated with positive emotions.

The idea is fascinating, and routes have proven to be just 12 percent longer on average than their shorter counterpart. Would you spend the extra time walking in order to enjoy a more appealing scenery? Keep an eye out for an app, which is the team’s next major goal.

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Buick Brings You the Road Trips of the Future

Long gone are the days of trying to decipher which direction to go while pouring over a heavily-creased paper map. You can also say goodbye to trying to find a decent radio station while travelling in the middle of the wilderness.

Buick is excited to bring families the road trip of the future with its built-in OnStar 4G LTE connectivity. This technology, available on the 2015 Buick LaCrosse, Verano, Regal, and Encore will bring travelling into the modern world and will turn your car into a Wi-Fi hotspot that will allow up to seven devices to connect at once.

“Technology really has changed the way we travel today,” said David Lorenz, marketing manager, Pure Michigan, in a statement. “Travelers are looking for easy access to information and they don’t necessarily just want that in advance of travel. Applications like OnStar and other technologies allow people to make quick, last-minute changes to their itinerary.”

Now, you don’t have to scour travel guides and try to plan every step of your trip weeks in advance. With this 4G LTE connectivity, you can find something new and different while on the go.

Buick Interior Materials Get Special Treatment

Buick has shared some of the techniques it uses to find the best protective coatings for its Buick interior materials at General Motors Materials Test and Engineering.

Just as human skin benefits from protection from sunscreen or bug spray, materials in Buick interiors benefit from protective coating to shield them from sun exposure and perspiration and to keep them looking new.

To test material durability in heat and ultraviolet light, Buick’s lab engineers use artificial light—similar to that in tanning booths—for two to six weeks before analyzing results. It then exposes materials to natural sunlight in Arizona for as long as seven months in special glass boxes.

It also tests sweat resistance by applying perspiration solutions to material samples for several hours before letting them dry. Once dried, the engineers scrape the sample to determine if the material was softened or damaged, after which they expose it to artificial light to ensure it can withstand both sweat and sun.

“While it is easy to make leather resistant to chemicals or abrasion, it is very difficult to find the balance of durability while maintaining the desirable look and feel that a Buick customer expects,” said Doug Pickett, engineering group manager, Materials Test and Engineering. “The texture is an important factor, so it can’t be too hard, too slick or too sticky.”

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Restored ’63 Buick Wildcat Convertible to Be Raffled Off at High School Event

A club at East Syracuse Minoa (ESM) High School has restored a rare and beautiful ’63 Buick Wildcat convertible and will be raffling the vehicle off at a club event at the high school next month. It’s a pretty cool accomplishment for the students of the ESM Automotive Technology Club, who will use the Wildcat as the centerpiece of the 10th Annual Cruise-In/Open House/Car Show which will be held on Saturday, June 7.'63 Buick Wildcat

The restored Wildcat comes with a 401 cubic inch, 6.6L engine paired to an automatic transmission, it’s painted a brilliant Inferno Red with a white top and a blacked out interior, and it even features power steering, windows, and seats. The Wildcat, which is one of only about 6000 every produced, was donated to the club by Irving Goldman of Manlius and looks simply stunning in its refreshed state.

The beautiful ’63 Wildcat proves that luxurious and powerful cars are no recent development for the Buick brand—and we’re carrying the result of over fifty years of innovation and marvelous design in our inventory here at Warsaw Buick GMC. When you’re down salivating over the ESM students’ red restored Wildcat, come see us at Warsaw to salivate over models like the Verano and LaCrosse today.

Buick Offers Rearview Camera as Standard for 2015 Model Year

Here’s just one way Buick is making sure our customers stay safe before they even hit the road: Every 2015 Buick model will be equipped with a rearview camera as a standard feature.

As technologies advance, Buick recognizes the increasing importance of the rearview camera for many consumers.

“We know our customers are very safety conscious,” said Duncan Aldred, U.S. vice president for Buick and GMC. “The current Buick lineup holds many safety accolades, but we are always pushing to be at the forefront with our vehicles being among the safest available.”

In addition to the standard rearview camera, 2015 models will also be available with Forward Collision Alert, Side Blind Zone Alert, Lane Departure Warning and Rear Cross Traffic Alert.

Of course, a free six-month subscription for the OnStar Automatic Crash Response service will also be included for all new 2015 models.

With all the safety features provided for the 2015 model year vehicles, there’s never been a better time buy a Buick. Stop by Warsaw Buick GMC today to check out our current inventory of 2015 models.

Buick Technology Delivers Convenience and Safety

When cars were invented more than a century ago, they didn’t do much more than just take passengers from point A to B. While modern cars still fulfill that same core purpose, they also pack so much technology as to have become veritable mobile computers.

At Warsaw Buick GMC, we like to separate car technology into three categories: powertrain, convenience, and safety. In this article, we take a brief look at some of the convenience and safety technologies customers can find across the Buick lineup. We’ll reserve a future article for powertrain tech, as it really deserves its own.

Though every Buick has its own identity and unique quirks, customers can find much of the same technology across all models. For example, Buick IntelliLink is a convenience system that helps drivers carry out tasks with just the sound of their voice, from playing their favorite music to making hands-free calls. There’s also the Remote Vehicle Starter, which is highlighted nicely in this award-winning commercial. It’s the little things that add up to a wonderful experience.

Safety technologies are more than just the antilock brakes or traction control you’ve probably heard about. Side Blind Zone Alert, Rear Parking Assist, and Rear Cross Traffic Alert are all examples of vehicle assistance designed to aid the driver in avoiding collisions. They don’t just keep you safe—they help you become a better and more aware driver.

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Buick Brand Scores Number One Spot for Customer Satisfaction

Not to toot our own horns, but Buick was recently rated number one in the J.D. Power 2014 U.S. Customer Service Index StudySM among mass-market brands

“Our dealers have an excellent focus on putting our customers first,” said Duncan Aldred, U.S. VP of Buick and GMC. “Not only have Buick dealers committed to or completed overhauling their facilities, but they’ve shown that continuing a positive customer experience is a top priority.”

In the study, J.D. Power assesses customer satisfaction in five key areas: service quality, service initiation, service advisor, service facility, and vehicle pick-up. Are you catching the theme?

With a score of 835 out of 1,000 – well above the average score of 797 – it’s clear to see that Buick is dedicated to delivering quality vehicles and quality service for those vehicles to customers.

The same is true for us here at Warsaw Buick GMC. We take pride in our 4.8 out of 5 star rating that you, our customers, have awarded us in your online reviews. Please let us know how we can continue to be of service to you.